The Germ Stamp

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Cannes Lions Award Winner 2013
Media Lions – Silver Lion Award Winner 2013
Creative team: Saatchi & Saatchi

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the's little hands have the power to infect an entire classroom in just one minute. That's because every one of them is home to billions of harmful germs. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Children across the Philippines fall victim to preventable hand borne illnesses. The problem is, kids don't wash their hands because they can't see the germs. So we created a germ they could see and put it on something kids love a step. In the Philippines, teachers stamp germs on thousands of Children on Children stamp germs on each other. All they had to do to remove the stamp was to wash their hands with safeguards soap for 30 seconds, the same amount of time it takes to remove all harmful germs. Stamp was a hit, and soon kids throughout the country were making the germ stamp part of their daily routine. After just one month, regular hand washing in schools had increased by an incredible 71%. And, according to teachers, sick days fell by almost half, all because of a cheap fun stamp into bar of safeguards soap