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This is our planet, our incredible perfect planet. All right, human activity is destroying the balance of our home. And it's not just our home, the oceans, the fundamentals of our existence, our forests and the very air that we breathe. Life itself can come and go in the blink of an eye. It's time to stop and look around us with open eyes and selfless hearts and fully take on board what it is we're about to lose forever. Yeah, Yeah. We don't always notice when change begins, and we often don't know where it will take us. Change may feel imminent. Chaotic. We can't see the links forming, building something stronger. Reaching back. Building forward. Yeah. 30 years ago, the birth of arm technology set in motion a chain of events and the formation of a new global ecosystem. Now 200 billion arm based chips have been deployed. The armed DNA, power efficiency collaboration, sustainable growth. Riding a new fifth wave of computing, we expect 100% of digitally shared data will run securely on arm specialised processing given life by a global partnership of technology companies, a multitude of innovators bringing change with sparking the world's potential