Island of the forgotten

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This is the end product of a poem written by Kevin Wolf

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC)


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The island of the forgotten.
What are words without action? They're an instrument built for the redemption of man yet untouched, unused, useless, nothing but wasted potential.
Many say, you're not alone. Where's your proof? Your words are hurled at me as fact yet fall on my ears like defeated theories. I go to fly and fall. I go to swim and sink. I go to fight and fail. Your absence kills me. No hand to push me up after I'm locked down. No hand to pull me up as I drown, no hand to catch me as I plummet.
Eventually, truths show you that you are not alone and forsaken. But when you feel abandoned, that helping hand vanishes like a mirage. Merely by viewing the hope hidden in the lie. I am burdened by the anticipation of deliverance. Only to be revealed as imaginal division. No chance for rescue stranded on the island of the forgotten.