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welcome to share in Regional Health System, a major provider of advanced health and medical services for more than 100 years. Dude joint Chris, Damon and Matt as they ride the waves of Waimea Bay during the big wave season. It's here. Hang out with a gang right after dirt biking tied on the extreme summer sports. That word collection of treasures lies between these bumpers. Legendary engines, industry Gold awards at the tailpipe and world class weren't East Tobacco. Sounds like you. Just a the jackpot rail right now in your neighborhood Ford store. Get $1500 cash back on the all new Ford F 1 52 50 Super Duty and Ranger, 100% pure not from concentrate juice and a family friendly size that let's everyone have a little more Florida's natural thing. Special PBS presentation of Nova The Pyramids of Egypt is made possible in part by a grant from UPMC Health Care and my donations from viewers like you. Thank you