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every day, millions of people around the world are connecting because we're built to connect the France. The business is to our future. And every day we're trying for more because we're built for more. We can be more personal. We can be more efficient. We can be more prepared for the future. From automotive to energy to telecommunications, technology has dramatically advanced this scale and profitability of nearly all other staple industries, and construction is finally ready to follow suit. You started business because you have a great idea. You start a business so you can see your idea grow. But you don't start a business because you love paperwork, compliance and other administrative responsibilities. Lucky for you, there are businesses who are very good at handling these critical services. In fact, it's the very idea they started on. Business leaders are looking to build more collaborative sales and marketing processes and systems to collect customer data, generate insights, target audiences and enable timely, well placed delivery of more personalized content to the right customers at the right time. In today's challenging business climate, developing your talent is fundamental to the continued growth and success of the company MP sees performance accountability process is designed to provide guidance to you as you developed yourself. This process focuses on the most important work that you do to be successful in your job, both what you accomplish and how you get it done.