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Animation Demo (variety of character voices)

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Voice Over • Animation


Various characters waiting at the DMV

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Senior (55+)


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Welcome to the Hollywood D. M. V. My name is Tyler. Is this where I take the eye exam? Just get back here. You smell you really do. Excuse me. I do not belong here with these people. This is beneath me. Number 237. To the photo area. Is it my turn? Oh where did I put that paperwork? You know? I don't remember which land I'm supposed to be. Really don't. Did you see my pan? So I told the guard at the other window that yes I do have a driver's license. It was issued in queens new york in 1979 pardon me, could I get in there for just one second. I'm sorry. Could my son over there retake his test? A big disgusting huge bug smashed into the windshield. Okay. It was horrible. Excuse me. Did you see my pan? No it's my mama's paying. I've now been here for exactly one hour and 23 minutes. I need to show them. I can parallel park. Would the owner of the blue Prius please move from the testing area one hour and 24 minutes. Oh yeah I think that was my friend who smashed into his window. We feel really bad man. Oh excuse you. But I thought this was smoked this line. Sorry guys window closed back in 30. Can I come back tomorrow and look for my pan?