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I've received a lot of work in the banking sector, and it turns out producers are looking for just what you might have expected: a voice that inspires a sense of stability. Although a bank's voiceover might make you actually like them, it may be a bit more important that you trust them. Calm, sure, reliable. A \"we're-not-going-anywhere\" tone that brings ease and confidence. If you're looking for a voice actor for your bank or financial can rely on me.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US Midwest- Chicago, Great Lakes)


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We're Merchants Bank. And from our origins on Burlington's Waterfront, we've helped grow this community for over 165 years, one industry at a time. Believing that the overlooked working class deserved to be judged not by their wealth but by their character, Mr Djaniny established what would eventually become Bank of America in 1904 turning a converted San Francisco saloon into the bank's first location. In our complex world, the need for financial advice has never been greater. But assisting people in meeting their investment goals is becoming more difficult. Financial advisors are at the mercy of their firms, numerous and sometimes disparate technology systems, many of which are outdated, inefficient and error prone because we do with little banks can't and the big banks won't loan Star National Bank proud to be the Valleys Bank