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iBrain is a children's educational toy. This is the audio from the commercial.

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a child shows creativity from the very beginning, their artistic, their adventurous and you know, they're full of potential, but all that brilliance needs some direction. So we created, I Brain a brain training program designed to harness your child's innate genius and apply it to real life. The program targets three key functions of a child's developing brain memory focus and creativity and all while having a blast with over 100 games and activities, you can watch your child gain confidence with numbers, drawing and coding as they use both sides of their brain. The creative and the analytical games are great, but there is something else truly unique about I brain, we combine one of the oldest forms of mathematical tools with cutting edge technology to create the digital abacus. Effective brain training requires a smooth integration of different cognitive centers like visual kinesthetic, imaginative and logical and that's exactly what our digital abacus provides. It's a physical object that lets kids as young as four and as old as well, your grandmother moved beads to see calculations step by step, but what's so great about math, especially math using kebab sticks, we believe it is the foundation for every other skill from cooking to coding and math doesn't have to be scary. In fact it can be fun with our instructional videos and guides your kids can teach themselves and maybe teach you a thing or two. Your kid has unlimited potential, whether they want to be an artist, a doctor, an engineer or a rock star. You can give your child a major advantage by helping them learn to love math early, giving them the tools they need to be great. And now we need your help to put the eye brain abacus in the hands of Children around the world to make their brains brains that count not with their fingers.