Jordyn Taylor singing Breathe

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Child (5-12)


North American (General)


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This is my street. I smile faces I've known all my life They regard me with pride and everyone sweet. They say you're going places. So how can I say that? Well, I waas so much to hide. It's the biggest disappointment. The kid. Hecate. She's back. Just walking. Just I think Days City is mine. Remember? Cattle neighborhood waved. Send Nina depraved and your gun up. Maybe it's me, but it all seems like a lifetime ago. So what do I say to spaces that I used to know? Hey, I'm home. Hey, counting on me to succeed may be great, but maybe I should have to stay. When I was a child, I stayed wide awake. Climbed Teoh the highest place on every I escaped climb. I got every scholarship saved every dollar first to go to college. Just me and the teach up. You be asking G Nina, what will you be? Straighten the spine. Smile For the neighbors, everything's cool. Everything's fine. Sanders, fly. Lots of tests. Lots of papers. Smile, Wave goodbye and prayed to smooth. I know you just