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As I mentioned in my bio I have experience with Childrens shows, but can do voices of all types. Check our my bio and IMDB page for all the info!!

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Thank you for taking the time to listen to my demo. My name is Joseph Hatcher. Um I've been voice acting for about 10 years. I'm 44 years old. Um I got into voice acting because I really enjoyed um character actors. I enjoyed people that could, that could be in a range of peter sellers is a great, great example of that. Chevy Chase in the fletch movies. Um you know Weird Al Yankovic and U. H. F. All these people had a gift for making you believe that they were somebody else by changing their look or their or their sound of their voice. Um so I got into it. I'm a big Seth Mcfarland fan as well and I love how you can look at him and you can hear his voice, but then you maybe watch him on a news show and you hear him do one of his other voices and it's incredible because you can picture him as that other person and I think that talent and that way you can make someone smile like that is what voice acting is all about. Um I started about 10 years ago in 2012 at a public access children's news parody show called Kitty News. And that's where I created a lot of my characters um in my bio on the voices site, I have a lot of them listed and and you know what they each one of them what they do, but uh probably some of my favorites, you know Ray Purdy was one of the first ones and you know, Ray was like, look man, my name is re purity and if you want to know what I do and purity. Okay. And that's just like what I do. All right. I go around and I just like whatever, you know what I mean? And I made him the movie reviewer on the show. And um, he became one of the most popular once. He talked about look man, all I do is just drive my van around the world looking for the best cat films. You know what I mean? And people really took to that character. Another one of my um, you know, favorites was done after the show. Um, and that is Sherman who is sort of your nervous, worried older could be a man or a woman. Uh, but Sherman is like, you know, oh, what's, what's I'm so I'm just, and he would constantly stutter and stammer through everything. And what do you need me to do? Do you need me to go to the store today? Oh, Oh goodness. Oh, I don't even want to go outside and uh, and that would get a lot of laughs. But you know, I enjoy doing a wide, uh, you know, range, I can do, uh, different accents, but as I said, I enjoy doing uh, this wide range of characters and I'm definitely uh, interested in any projects that you have. Um, let me know exactly what you're looking for and I could tailor make a voice for you and you can check it out and let me know what you think. Um, I really appreciate your time and I hope I'm what you're looking for. I have a great day.