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This is the marketing sample of an audiobook that I recorded and produced on ACX. It is the second such book I have produced.

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the freshman read an homage to jane smiley. Eddie bottom sat at the head of a blonde oval conference table at the first of three scheduled meetings of the freshmen. Read in community committee frick. The frick would select per its mission especially designed paperback edition of a work of fiction or possibly nonfiction prefaced with a message from the president or possibly the provost and highly recommended for almost force fed to thousands of newly matriculated first year and transfer students. Eddie and the frick would then lead the university community in cajoling newbies to purchase and read the text in part or whole or feign reading at next summer and fall, whether two or three dozen would participate in poultry, follow on spring programs such as those presently dragging mangled appendages toward a distant finish line, Eddie surmised was anyone's guess the key. So the 50 something little women's scholar and frick founder was fond of saying was to establish that books and universities were meaningfully related. Eddie purpose of lee sat himself up, showing everyone that he was poised to guide this year's process at this precise same moment, Eddie spouse, miraculously appeared in the room throwing a wrench into dr J. Edgar bottoms, freshly cleared throat dr Gloria. *** Estonia bottoms was also like Eddie, a multitalented professor of english. But unlike her lesser half Gloria had been recognized by the regional section of a prestigious professional network in her specialty. Subaltern literatures which had cited her groundbreaking critique of slave voyages. Jack who Gloria and one had to footnote several others before her had dubbed the Elvis of social theory by any measure. Gloria and Eddie were a thriving academic couple. They had two young Children, one girl and one possibly by gender offspring whose ages had been happily set first by tenure and then by promotion clocks. Eddie sought unsuccessfully and in vain Gloria's attention through what he most certainly did not perceive as a gathering storm, largely free from the wildly engrossing distraction that is pregnancy, child rearing and repetitive week in and week out, mainly indoor domicile maintenance. Eddie's course to career milestones had been speedier than Gloria same. He was also 10 years her elder as well as two years advanced in terms of date to terminal academic research degree. Dewatered a key metric that the department of english used as part of its annual post tenure review process. Eddie and glorious productivity included additional independent, as well as joint projects at various stages of development and decay, one could say, and some did say that Eddie's and Gloria's curricula VT were as commingled as their legal status is Eddie couldn't help but ponder Gloria as she took a seat at the far end of the table at the far end of the rectangular room kibitzing amicably with a mutual acquaintance. Eddie then recalled that he had been instrumental in securing glorious seat at this particular boardroom conclave. Of course, he said audibly Eddie was used to making things happen on his timetable in accordance with his vision and purposes. He recited to himself that he had been recognized as a university distinguished instructor pedagogue you dip the highest honor for faculty specializing in teaching as well as the scholarship of teaching in honor he had received earlier than any previous you dip in the history of the You dip program. Eddie was a precocious You dip and no one could or even tried to deny this fact. Members of the U. Dip community whose own daughters were nothing at which to sneeze were however unanimous in their disappointment that Eddie's premature elevation seemed to do nothing to quench his remarkable thirst to contribute.