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most people don't think too much about the mail. They slap a stamp on an envelope, drop it in the mailbox and go about their day. But getting mail from one place to another is a complicated process that has been honed over centuries and today it runs like a well oiled machine. Sorry, Texas. Everything is actually bigger in Alaska with over 600,000 square miles. Alaska is more than twice the size of the lone star state and more than 99% of that land is untouched wilderness, making it one of the greatest natural frontiers in the world. African gray parrots may not have the colorful feathers of their tropical cousins, but what they lack in plumage, they more than make up for in brain power. With a little training, African Grays can develop vocabularies on par with some humans and they're the only birds capable of recognizing when another animal needs help and helping them, regarded by many as the James bond of sci fi doctor, who first debuted in 1963 on the BBC in the six decades since he's been traveling through time space and multiple dimensions. In his beloved Tardis, using his unfathomable intellect to outwit foes and save worlds