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Former Radio News Anchor/Reporter w a Gift for Voices and Instruction

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The Audio sample you will hear is brief but hopefully will give you a feel for the cadence, quality and timber of my voice. The first sample is from a Aircheck machine so the quality is a little muted while the second recording is from an instructional video for Flight Dispatchers in training

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Canadian, Irish


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now what's trending on W. B. A. P. And W. B. A. P. Com, severe thunderstorms roll through the metroplex. I'm john scotty from the verb classic dodge of Denton 24 7 news desk, classic Chevrolet dot com. W. B. A. P. Traffic watch live from the W. B. A. P. Weather center. Meteorologist brad Bart right now at DFW airport is 60 degrees. People attending Barbara Bush's funeral earlier today are speaking out about the remarkable woman she was in Houston, Clayton level W. B. A. P. News. In an interview with W. F. A. A. Tv in Dallas. Former FBI director James Comey says he's happy to be out of politics. He also thinks his decision to investigate president trump about possible Russian collusion was correct. My concerns about the president just increased my commitment to stay and try and lead and protect that amazing institution. Comey's new book, a higher loyalty has already made it to number three on amazon's bestseller of the year list triple A. Of texas reports. National gas prices are now at their highest level in three years. An average gallon of gas in Dallas fort worth is up 10 cents to $2.57. But will it climb to $3. I really don't think that's something that would happen in Dallas. I think if anywhere texas and Dallas would probably be amongst the last to hit that level. Gasbuddy dot com petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan says the correction is due and texas will probably be one of the last places where prices will hit the $3 a gallon mark right now at DFW airport, it is 60 degrees from the W. B. A. P news desk. I'm john scotty you're next update at 8 30 24 7 news coverage available at W B A P dot com. Welcome into part two of weather and the dispatcher. I'm pip Hastings chiming in from the editing room no matter where you work or where your planes fly, A dispatcher in the United States is required to be familiar with weather and notify the pilot in command of all weather along the route that has flown that according to CFR 1 21 601 or 1 21 5 99. Now, one of the tools that we use to fulfill those regulations is what's called a meter or a weather observation. Just like a weatherman on tv or radio will provide you with current conditions. A meter does the same thing for pilots and dispatchers. So let's take a look at the meat are and how to read it a quick note if you are just getting into dispatching or aviation, the Aviation Weather center website from the National Weather Service that you see here is the standard for monitoring weather and is a fabulous resource and most importantly, it's free