Janet Stead - Romantic Suspense Audiobook (Conversational, Measured)

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Easy to listen to. Conversational. Believable.

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Jamey's fingers danced across the keyboard. Is she coded her way past way boards? Firewall. Once inside the company's mainframe, she dove deep down below the directory structure into the colonel of the operating system. She saw all the standard traps encoding trip wires in place to catch hackers. Mediocre hackers. Jamie is not mediocre. Known in the dark Internet simply is RKO four. She is a ghost that flits from system to system, a shadow that no one sees in a world where 99.9% of the players airmail. She enjoys both the anonymity and pride of being a major player without the misogynistic ******** she was exploring with no real purpose in mind. Sometimes it was just fun to get in because she could. She leaned over to blow and the fresh pink polish drawing on her toenails and gave them a wiggle. After a bite of 1/2 eaten peppermint patty. She tapped a key, exited one module and was about to enter another. When she paused, What was that? Jamie hit the key sequence to return to the module. She had exited scroll down a screen, and there it was. Someone had coated the wrong data type for the opening array. Really basic **** who gets paid to do this? That's nasty, she said aloud. Is she advanced to the end of the line that needed repair. The statement ended with dynamic. When it should say static. She reached for another bite of the chocolate as she scanned the screen, looking for some plausible reason for such a rudimentary mistake.