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my narration reel in which I navigate the ins and outs of the hero's journey

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Juan Martin Jimenez. Narration Rio What do Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen and photo all have in common? What if we told you that they're all variants of the same hero? Do you believe that Joseph Campbell did? He studied how each one represents the Mona Myth or Hero's journey? Think of it as a cycle. We begin in the heroes ordinary world status quo. That's where we start. One o'clock call to adventure. The hero receives a mysterious message. An invitation, a challenge, two o'clock assistance. The hero needs some help, probably from someone older. Wiser three o'clock departure. The hero crosses the threshold from its normal safe home and enters a special world and adventure. We're not in Kansas anymore. Four O'clock trials. Being a hero is hard work. He solves the riddle Slice Monster escapes from a trap five o'clock approach. It's time to face the biggest ordeal. The Heroes. Worst Fear. Six O'clock Crisis, The Heroes Darkest Hour. He faces death and possibly even dies, only to be reborn seven o'clock treasure. As a result, the hero claims some treasure special recognition power eight o'clock result. This can vary between stories to the monsters. Bow down before the hero or or do they chase him? As he flees the special world nine o'clock winter? After all that, he returns to his ordinary world 10 o'clock New life. This quest has changed him. 11 o'clock resolution. All the tangled plotlines get straightened out. 12 o'clock status quo, but upgraded to a new level. Nothing is quite the same ones. You're a hero. Okay, so you get the idea. What do you have in common with all these heroes? Well, you leave your comfort zone every day, have an experience that transforms you, and then you recover and do it again. You don't slay dragons or fight evil orcs or even Baltimore. But you face problems just as scary. Joseph Campbell said. In the cave you fear to enter lies the treasure Musique. Then what is this symbolic cave you fear to answer? Auditions A new job. Love. Be sensitive to this in your own life. Listen to your call to adventure. Accept the challenge, conquer your fear and claim the treasure you seek and then well, to it all over again.