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This is the introduction to a Sci fi young adult audiobook.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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But if someone were to go to Val, Ghana, seven, and asked the Guardians of Knowledge which tale is the most popular of all to cept Ilyin entries, he might be surprised that they in fact have an answer for him. Even more surprising would be that the tail is about a hero who comes from a relatively obscure species from an unknown planet in the backwoods of the galaxy in a region of space long dismissed is being utterly devoid of life or anything else interesting, for that matter and thus largely ignored by most civilized spacefaring races. This rather insignificant planet called Earth by those who have done it was the home of a species so unremarkable in pretty much every aspect by which we judge intelligent life that the fact that one of the galaxy's greatest heroes came from it. It's enough to boggle even an eagle is extremely large mind and what makes this tale even more bizarre. It starts with a fleet of the most dreaded and feared military armada the universe has ever known, going out of its way to utterly annihilate this little blue green planet in every last one of the relatively undeveloped life forms who lived there