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A good friend asked me to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich sound irresistible, so I obliged.

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I'm in the mood for something right about now. E haven't urge a yearning for something sweet for something tasty. Mm. I'm in the mood for a PB and J sandwich right about now. Oh, yeah, I've been putting it off all day. Now I have to fulfill my leads. Oh, yeah. Let's go to that kitchen right now. Let's open up that pantry on. There it is. Oh, my, That big, beautiful jar of peanut butter. That's right. Let's take off that lid and expose. Allow that bloody goodness. That aroma is intoxicating. Let's get that night and gently glided across the top. Yeah, can take out a nice big scoop of that wonderful goodness. Now that bread is ready for that spread. Oh, yeah, and gently put it on there. It will cover the entire surface. Don't listen. One spot, and now it's time for the other half as Wright jam or jelly. If you prefer, whether it's great strawberry or passion fruits. Oh my, whatever your fancy. Just get some of it right now on. Do the exact same thing to the other slice is spread it on a way, way, and now, for the best part bringing them together way. That's right. Bring them together in harmony on then anticipate Patient is killing me, man, You take that very first bite on the world around you ceases to exist. Oh, yeah. So sweet, So tasty and oh, so satisfying. Now, if you're not doing anything right now, come on over and I will definitely make you one E yeah.