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This is an 11-13 year old young lady that was caught in the human trafficking world

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Teen (13-17)


Eastern European


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yeah, mhm christmas is always the busiest time of year and the closer christmas got the more I just wanted to die, I am an awful, my uncle took me in but he was not family and this christmas for once all I wanted was to celebrate with her gill family warmth and safety, that is what I prayed for when I was all alone or even worse when I wasn't so many men the busiest time of the year, I remember the night like it was yesterday, the night that changed my life forever, there was a terrible strong but I knew I would rather die than go back to that house okay, it was so dark when I saw the light I was terrified, I knew my uncle would find me, he always had and it was all because of a phone, I had never had access to a food and then I just found one, I don't know how I got it there, I still don't know but I called the emergency number, they connected me to someone they said would know what to do, I never forgot his voice, he said he would help me, I didn't know if I could trust him but I had no choice when I got the car I was so scared he told me everything was going to be okay now but he had given six hours in the strong to come get me, he was with an organization called uncaged that rescue and help girls like me and for the first time I felt warm and felt safe and because of this organization, my christmas prayer was answered. I now have a family, a home of future, and it was a busy christmas.