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Young Adult (18-35)


US African American, US General American (GenAm), US West Coast (California, Portland)


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everyone in town knew Edwina. She was the dinosaur who played with the neighborhood kids. She was a dinosaur who did favors for anyone who asked, I wanna help little old ladies cross the street and she baked chocolate chip cookies for everyone? Everybody loved Edwina except Reginald who be do be Reginald knew just about everything about everything. He'd like to give reports in class about all the things he knew today. He was going to talk about things that are extinct, specifically dinosaurs. But as soon as Reginald started, Beth Mcphee reader as what about Edwina? She's a dinosaur. Then Tommy Bridger said, yeah and Weenie can be extinct. She bakes chocolate chip cookies for us. And then Miss Mink added, yes, maybe Edwina is baking cookies for us right now. Before he knew it, everyone except Reginald was outside eating cookies. No one listens to me with the dinosaur room thought Reginald, well tomorrow I'll prove to the whole town the dinosaurs really are extinct and poof Edwina will disappear. The next morning, Reginald handed out flyers that made excellent arguments about how extinct dinosaurs are. These fliers also made excellent hats. This may Reginald very, very angry and the flyers didn't work. Reginald tribe protesting and when protesting didn't work. He tried everything he could think of, he danced, he's saying he was a megaphone, he played the accordion, he rang loud bells. He even banged the drama, but no one listened. Finally Reginald broke down and cried, boo hoo! He sobbed and sobbed, Why won't anyone listen to me? I'll listen to you. A voice that from behind him. It was Edwina Reginald took it, went into his classroom. Inside Edwina listened as Reginald told her the truth about dinosaurs. He was persuasive. He was expressive, he was loud, he was very convincing. Edwin was shocked.