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when he checked in he was mr Beaumont when he checked out. He was just plain old chad Candlewood suites. We'll see you there. Everything's moving so fast these days but we used to move slower and got by just fine. That's why I switched to be Ny Mellon Gerber brings grins and giggles to bath time. No fuss, no tear. Just fun washes, shampoos and lotions with gentle natural ingredients for cuddly soft skin. Shouldn't your baby be a Gerber baby. It's that time of the year. You've all been waiting for. The ST Peter's pet parade is back this weekend. Bring your lizards, iguanas and rare birds to strut their stuff at the ST Peter's Pet Parade. Not many things knock you out like a migraine but you can knock out a migraine with excedrin. It combines acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine, which relieves migraine pain and symptoms such as nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. With excedrin. You'll be ready for when the next migraine hits.