I am planning to embibe my voice over skills on various self help book

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The voice over sample which I will be attaching as part of demo will be the extracts taken from various self help books

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20 We're going to cover the topic called the Power of Hyper Focus. Petition. Hyper focus in back to your last one when you accomplished a huge amount on the data. Sorry, Number of inquiry. True, For starters, you were probably focusing on on only one thing. Maybe out of the city. Devon, by a deadline, this one task. Fill your attention space. We're also likely able to dodge destructions and quietly got back on track every time in traction commerce while we're working with intense focus, working frantically, constantly switching between task and your attentions wandered, which it's still too often but less than usual quickly reported back to this task at hand. You were work was probably also a comfortable level of difficulty, not so hard as to be intimidating, not so easy that it could be done out of habit. Because of this, you may have even become completely engrossed in over and bring the flow state where each time you looked at the clock under our had flown by, even though experienced, the time has I am as only Tim. It's decorously you managed to a complete the equivalent of several hours of work in each of them. Finally, once you came over him, the hurdle of getting started you experienced little resistance continuing Even though you were working hand, you were and exhausted afterwards. Curiously, you were less tired and after slower this your motorist and remained strong even if you had even you gotta stop working because you got hungry or had a meeting, or it was time to hit home on the day you acquitted your brains. Most productive, more hyper focus venue. Hyper focus on task New and one task product for another presentation of attention. So it fills your attention space completely. You entered this more managing our attentions deliberately and for by choosing one important object of potential l many distractions that will inevitably arise as the work and then focus on just one task. Hyper focus is many infrequent. It's deliberate, undistracted and quick of to refocus, and it leads us to become completely inner senior work. It also makes us immensely happy. Recall how and aja rise everywhere by your work. The last time you found yourself in the state in hyper focus, you may even feel more relaxed than usual liquor when you work, allowing one task or project to consume your fully. It s a space means the state doesn't make you feel or space does not work. And you over Worker does not feel nearly as robotic. Since hyper focus is so much more a slow you can slow down a bit and still a complex, an incredible amount of time. This this more may feel like in elusive luxury in the on the go environments in which we work and liberate. But nothing could be further from the growth. Hyper focus. Miss. You were less busy because you're permitting fewer objects into a national space making which task to work on ahead of find it. So focus on what actually important in the movement has. There would be more crucial than an hour knowledge where governments, but not all, are created equal. He will often accomplished more in one hour hyper focus on in an entire day and filling retention space to the brim with a multiple and often on deliberate azar's. This is Concord in GOP but absolutely essential device. The most demands made on your time, the more essential it became cruise boat and how many things you pay attention to you are never too busy type or focus when it comes to you're most important task. The fewer things you pay attention to, the more productive become hyper focusing on habits. The more important aspect for hyper focus is that only one productive or meaningful task consumes for additional space. This is simply nonnegotiable. His wife the most critical mass projects and commitments benefits from everybody. Extradition. They're usually not habits, which by default don't often consume your full attention. Space is not to say it's impossible to hyper focus on a habit. There is no toss too small to consume relation. You tried hard enough. You could commit your consideration to worsen it. Pain, Dr. But there are two reasons by this mental mode is best preserved for complex stars rather than habits. First, hyper focus requires will pour a mental injured to activate drive from the limited supply. We have to make it through or the day because habits consumed solitary offer residential space. They really known it too hyper. Focus on them. Second and more interesting Y your performance on complex cast benefit. When you focus moral completely, we're habits. Will task performance actually suffers, and your focus with total nation. You may have experienced this the last time you notice someone walking the walk, and you brought your focus to making sure you walk like perfect normal human being. Chances are immediately started moving like a full blown mechanical robot feeling as if you were falling all over the sidewalks to pull it bluntly. You you're walking, performance suffered. Or maybe the last time you went bowling. You phone yourself thinking about why we're scoring more parts and usual, what exactly you are doing? Well, person opponents started pulling ad and eventually one two, and we told and your performance suffered by you're bringing your floatation to a game usually play out of habit. Daddy's analysing skilled Taipei's owned this same phenomenal the more attention they brought to their typing, the slower that type and the more Mr Made. In doing such habitual us, it's best to north. Focus completely on what will bring if hyper focus where most complex task thinks that will at Phillip benefits of your completed nation, such as writing a report, mapping your things but debt, or having mean with meaningful conversation. Marvellous things happen when you tour so us because you are focusing on a single task will likely have some additional space spear enough curable to keep your original intention in mind. As a result, you are less likely to be derailed by destructions and options because you have enough awareness to notice that they're about to derail you. And maybe most important, you have even attempt enough attention to only think deeply up for the task as you were. This allows you to remember and learn more. Get back on track when your mind wanders and considered alternative approaches, as if solve problems. All of this will save you elements. Amount of time in computing Ask one of the best ways to get more done and done faster is preventing your slipper of focusing on things that end important.