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Katie McTavish. Times like these. How do you rock your cover, girl? Do you compromise on beautiful. Do you give up on glam? No. You get extreme lashes That simply won't flake out on you. You get a perfect smoky eye with one cool tool and you get shimmer in your shine Easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl A night on the town doesn't always mean going out Paris Las Vegas sets the mood to spark a little passion Oh, are fanned into a flame Whatever you dio that inspiration be your guide Paris Las Vegas packages begin at 1 55 and night. When I buy it into a peppermint patty I become the ice king, Commander of all cold sending brisk winds to cool the earth Nothing is beyond my reach Not even my fifth grade teacher. I have a special Arctic blast for her introducing KinderCare chocolate milk chocolate with a milky filling made especially for little fingers tender. Have you played today as a teenager? It's your job to do exactly the opposite of what your parents tell you to dio. So when they say buckled down naturally you want a buckle up