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Hello, everyone. My name is our friend Muti. Socom. You know, I'm a maid in person for my educational background I have seen in primary and secondary school. I'm also a graduate with a budget of degree. Ah, my bachelor degree. But you love commerce. Me needing boats, standing off, business administration, marketing, accounting, financial activities. Yes, you know. So if some, like aiding courses there, that can help you in terms of communication called behaviours. No developed men. Yeah, for my job. ST O's. Currently I'm unemployed. Yes, but still have some part time jobs online? I knew. Translation. English to French. I'm a French fluent speaker. But my new TV's English. That's fragile. Which for saying Here, look. Yeah, head will, too. My achievements. Basically, I can see so far after graduation staying out for you. I have moved out of my parent's house and I'm staying on Lord on a rented A parchment. Actually, one bedroom Still single, you know, take Marty. Yeah, and it feeds because I don't have me need, like furniture, appliances. So one bedroom for budget. It's kind of our feet. It Pete. Yeah, well, my old news I like listening to music what you moons, Miss, You can't be serious. What does that make playing basketball food would in all two A, like gave it such as peaceful games, computer games? Yeah, and some X books gives majorly for the game like FIFA before It's what will give complete with and for my talents. I'm here to discover that I have, uh that's amazing. Introduction off me. And therefore, if before I forget, um, 20 years old, yeah. Can they live? They will be Kenya. Yeah, I'm from gang. And that's my country. I'm okay now. Our four candidates it's in East Africa. Yeah, the African continent, you know. Thank you.