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Five brief explainer / e-learning clips across styles and industries.

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up to now, you've learned how to identify workplace hazards and how to report them to your supervisor. In this module we'll discuss the hierarchy of control measures that can be used to eliminate hazards from the work process altogether. Alright. Hopefully that breakout session was helpful for you to understand how important it is to be an active listener. Now we're going to hop right into a video from chat emery on how simplifying his life led to a record breaking month of sales for his pacific Northwest startup. In this module, we will discuss what to do if you come across an unattended mobile mover. A mobile mover is an assistive device used to carry heavy objects from point A to point B. This vehicle must be operated by a qualified driver or if in automatic mode must be supervised at all times. If you see a mobile mover unattended on the floor, immediately check your surroundings to ensure that there are no other people in the direct path. The red Bird app organizes all your global investment options in one easy to manage location. The Red Bird app takes advantage of Cardinal Capital's extensive global investment banking network and filters based on your specific investment interests, geographic preferences and spending limits, download the Red Bird app Today, Cardinal Capital, your wealth is of the greatest importance. First you want to look into when the claim was processed. If the date field is blank, you will want to search the database by claim number instead of customer name. This will pull up the exact result and ensure that duplicate entries don't exist