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Wells Fargo Presents Making sense of available balance It's a typical busy day you're on the go buying gas groceries, getting things done as you continue to make purchases. It's important to be aware of the available balance in your checking account. Remember, the Onley effective way to get rid of viruses is by washing your hands thoroughly with plenty of soap. You know as if you've just finished slicing jalapenos for a batch of nachos, and you need to take your contacts out. This represents the amount of money automatically taken out of your paycheck in order to pay for your portion of the benefits is the correct answer. A. Premiums be co insurance, See co pay or de deductible Great work. After completing your review, click next to complete the lesson. Once you're a T and T TV device powers up, you'll be asked to pair your remote control. Remove the plastic tab from the back of the remote control, then press and hold the fast forward and rewind buttons at the same time until a message appears to find doctors that have been validated by your network provider. Simply log on to doctor on demand dot com You can also click the information button to see their contact information as well as their telehealth hours and availability. Welcome back to module one of slack fundamentals, Communication and slack happens in channels, which are virtual spaces where you can share information with everyone working on a project to get started. Select the plus button to create a new channel. Great Point Joe. Any authorized device you use to access company information must have up to date anti virus software as well as appropriate system security. Patching Now for the last question in our virtual interview. Tell me about your biggest accomplishment this past year and what you'd like to accomplish in the next 12 months. Congratulations. That's a wrap.