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most people have no idea what the supply chain is. So here's an explanation. Just look at any object in whatever room you're currently sitting in. That thing was sourced, designed, assembled and shipped in over a dozen different places by hundreds of workers. That's the supply chain. There's more to Mexico than you realize. A lot more like 5000 years of history, more with ancient ruins that rival anything from Rome and Egypt. There's beauty too, with some of the most stunning beaches, mountains and plains on the entire continent. He was there for everything. The Kennedy assassination, the moon landing, Vietnam Watergate and through it all walter. Cronkite kept us informed. He gave us the facts unbiased and unfiltered. And in a time when society seemed like it was falling apart, Cronkite kept it together. Here's the craziest thing about cats. They're all cats, lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, and the domestic short hair who hangs outside the coffee shop. They're all cats with the same quirks and impulses you'll find throughout the entire feline family like the similar ways they sleep, play and hunt