Straight Flush to Murder



This was an audiobook project I was chosen for in 2020 called Straight Flush to Murder. I was the narrator for the book.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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Chapter One A windy night. The long line of elms and hacked berries by the roadside roared like a snow melt torrent. There was no traffic which was typical for the lateness of the hour, and only a few pinpoints of light at the large ranch on the rising land a half mile to the north, the waxing moon appeared and quickly vanished again as a vast shoal of alta cumulus drifted east across the wide, high plain sky. The lights of a vehicle appeared suddenly a mile down the road to the west. There was no sound at first because of the noise of the wind in the trees. The lights dipped and rose on the undulating road, drawing closer. As 30 seconds passed before the sound of the vehicle's engine kicked in the dark colored Porsche. Carrera slowed, then swooped to a stop in a pull in 100 yards short of the gateway of the large ranch to the north, and on the opposite side of the road the vehicles headlamps were switched off but its engine was left running. The lights of a second vehicle appeared coming from the opposite direction. This vehicle to began to slow down. Then a ghost pale suv made the right turn onto the ranch driveway. As it did so it's lights picked out the sign at the drive entrance, Golden Square and underneath G. And L. Swales, the single male figure in the Porsche was talking on his phone with his elbow on the open driver's window. As the approaching vehicle turned onto the ranch driveway, he became more animated, lurching forward and staring intently through his window as if trying to identify the driver. After another half minute he finished his phone call flicked on his head lamps and drove off, creeping slowly past the ranch gateway, then heading on quickly down the road.