Podcast/Audio Drama/Children: Sweetie Pie the Guinea Pig


Children/Storytelling: Molly * the Mischievous Phouka


Children/Storytelling: The Unicorn


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Whether you need the voice of a small child, or a story told to a child, I am the gal for you. She is a credible little girl, or a snotty bratty boy, whatever you need. Her seasoned, textured voice will enthrall children and keep them involved in the story. Ads targeting children and their parents for children’s products would also do well with me.
My storytelling skills will captivate child audiences.
With voiceovers that are

Informative, clear, conversational, happy, educational, passionate, articulate, friendly, emotional, unique, fun, real, enlightening, entertaining, energetic, casual, authoritative, natural, engaging, understandable, easy to listen to, trustworthy, experienced, authentic, believable, knowledgeable, soothing, warm, credible, trustworthy, sincere, attention-grabbing, memorable, respected, empathetic, sparkling.

Check out my samples below and see for yourself.

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Number of Words Up to 300
Delivery Days 24hr
Number of Revisions 1
Non-Broadcast License
High Quality Audio File

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