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Audiobook sample from \"The Ferryman\" showcasing narrator, character voices.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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the youngster took great delight in the entire system, especially in the broad crank arm that he badly wanted to operate. The system had been adapted several times over the years, but essentially the same system the ferryman had installed in the weeks after buying the ferry was still in use. From the beginning, it had been a clean and simple system that needed Onley, minor maintenance, daily oiling and, on occasion, a replacement part. Can I crank the arm now? The boy asked impatiently For boys are by nature impatient. The ferryman smiled. Are you sure you have enough desire? More than enough, the boy insisted. All right, then. But first I must let go the lines. I can do it, I am sure. Let me. The ferryman patted the boy on the head. The boy reminded him so clearly of himself as a young whipper snapper. He wanted to tell the boy to calm down, to squelches excitement, to remain patient. But of course, he offered none of this advice