Storyteller — (American, Senior, Father Christmas, Santa Clause)

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Storyteller, old man, senior, North American.

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Senior (55+)


North American (General)


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a traveler walks down the northern road, familiar shapes, bring back memories of flickering lights and steamy windows as they approach. The years of standing on touch became clear, hardy plants have taken hold sheltered from the worst of the radiation storm. Their roots have carved an oasis from the hard surface, digging down to the rich life giving waters along that northern road. Soon came more figures, settlers answering. The travelers call their picks you into the rock faces, their axes bit into the tall trees. Their hammers, fell platforms and homes in the shelter of the excavated rock cars from that long forgotten age were salvaged for resources and formed into protective walls behind these barriers, crops were planted and workshops built. The excavations had even revealed a rich vein of iron ore and the promise of steel production to come interests were piqued, and an experiment was planned. To their delight. The experiment worked shielded from the ambient radiation and fed by the natural springs. Plant life would flourish. New ambitious plans were created, so work began on a ring of metal to act as a base, and scaffolding grew as tall as the trees around it. Time flowed on, and the dome grew like a protective blanket, filling the skyline. The ones detrimental radiation was harnessed tamed like a wild animal, its vast store of energy conferred to an electrical charge plentiful enough to share with settlements nearby the geodesic dome, a triumphant science shielded all beneath glance thrived as cream leaves waved wistfully in the breathe, and buds burst forth colorful flowers, and new and revived strains of herbs, provided new foods and medicines dominating the skyline, even more of them before vegetation thriving beneath Emma voices of its clean and health inhabitants ringing out in cheers and laughter. Now it provides a safe and natural peace and escape from the harsh wastelands beyond the walls of the Starlight Doe.