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I hope you enjoyed this testimonial and that you saw a little of yourself in this person. Now, I suggest that we concentrate on you alone. I know that many people tend to forget that they are allowed to be proud and especially that they have a lot of reasons to be proud on a daily basis. It isn't arrogant to be pleased with yourself. On the contrary, make the most of this gratifying and beneficial feeling, don't replace it with guilt. A second later by thinking, it isn't humble or justified. Being truly happy with what you achieve is deeply beneficial for your body, your mind and thus for your future projects, the self love that we may have is again not synonymous with arrogance. It is very simply having higher self esteem and this is closely linked to self-confidence. The notion of pride is certainly personal, but this is exactly what makes this feeling beautiful. You could feel it more often than you think in your everyday life. Everything that you do in your work should make you proud. Everything that you do for your Children is amazing. Even if you'd like to do more. The fact that you still want to be a good person is fantastic. Don't start thinking that others do it better than you simply be proud of what you are already capable of doing. If we talk in levels, it is important to keep in mind that the people at level 100 had to start at level zero like you. And that later when you're at level 50 you will help the people at level zero and so on and so forth. It's an endless cycle. You test a new recipe and your family love it. Another reason to be proud, come to be aware that you can be proud of an infinite number of things. Even if the rest of the world finds it banal normal. Not enough. In real terms, being happy will make you naturally motivated to be more efficient in what you want to do and will increase your satisfaction a little bit at a time. It will also avoid frustrations as being rarely proud of yourself. You fall into a vicious cycle. You work hard to reach your goals and just as you should be fully enjoying it, you say to yourself that you are not as happy or satisfied as you thought you would be. This will feel discouraging and disappointing. You must start working on this straight away before you continue reading. I invite you to do the following. Make a list of all the things you are proud of. Add things to it as you go along, reread it, put it on the wall. In other words, don't forget.