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Narration sample that I recorded for an audition

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Chapter seven. The girl in his dream while chris was reading the contract, his forehead wrinkled when he read over the one part he disliked. It was the clause stating that once she conceived they would no longer continue to be intimate whose idea was it? To put that in the contract. I should change it before she signs it. He thought to himself, Chris stood up and called his secretary. He instructed her to make the desire changes to the contract without question. She quickly made the changes and within minutes he had the revised agreement in his hand. It included all the provisions he wanted exactly as he wanted them. He read it through once more satisfied. He thought to himself much better. I think when ANna reads this she will not hesitate to sign it. As he stood there inwardly praising the revised contract, Chris heard a knock at the door. Come in, he said as he stood there grinning like a teenager who was excited to see his crush. He dusted off an imaginary speck of dust from his sleeve, straightened his posture and straightening a non existent wrinkle from his shirt. In one swift movement he arranged the chair where Ana was intended to sit. He quickly combed his fingers through his hair and took his seat. He put on the most charming smile he had in his arsenal. He looked immaculately handsome. Slowly the door opened and ANna stepped inside. She looked beautiful as she walked towards him with her head down. She didn't look up at him at all. His efforts to look perfect had been wasted. Here she is standing right in front of me, the girl that causes me sleepless nights. The very reason for the rage I felt yesterday in that horrible place, chris thought as he stared intently at anna.