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I traveled in many countries in different conditions and I know to get adapt whith the situation and getting out of one

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Hey bro bro. I already spoke with that guy but I don't know what to say bro. It's very difficult. Also I spoke with my friend, it's not that I spoke with him but he saw when I spoke with this guy that you gave me and honestly was not so convinced about him. He told me he's not capable. Pro too she's not careful too. Mm hmm He's not capable for this kind of job. You know also you don't want him to know that I spoke with you and this is something that I don't understand if you want to make this scam, you need somebody to trust. You understand, you cannot work with this guy without him knowing you you understand. So it's it's very difficult because because in the end it's a lot of money. You understand this is why mm hmm I tell you why my friend was not so convinced Second world because you already gave me one guy before. You know the you know the dark guy. So um basically he was waiting to make everything with that guy. So when you heard that you had another guy, he lost all his confidence. So basically I don't know how to tell you bro. Or you give give up on everybody and we work just me and you or we we stop bro. Mhm think about it, think about it and give me a call by see you bro