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In this module, we will discuss what to do. If you come across an unattended mobile mover. A mobile mover is an assistive device used to carry heavy objects from point A to point B, place the roller on the floor and lie with it on the right side of your rib cage slowly and carefully roll along your flanks. The movement is generated with your legs. Welcome to leadership 101. The aim of this learning experience is for you to explore what it takes to be a successful leader in today's world. You'll gain knowledge and insights around being an effective leader of individuals and teams and you'll understand what we mean. When we say that leadership begins with leading self over the years, the way you've ensured the safety of your employees in the workplace probably hasn't changed much. The right protective equipment, the right policies and procedures and the right safety training. We want to make all students aware that our well-being and mental health support continues during the COVID-19 lockdown and you can access this support whether you're studying on campus or online and from home, either choose repeat to watch this demonstration again, continue to start the next module or close to return to the course at a later time.