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Hey everyone. Welcome to Filmora MVP youtube channel. Here we teach you the latest editing tips, camera tricks and filmmaking techniques. In this video, we're gonna show you how you can make a fortnight thumbnail in 30 seconds using Filmora 10 for free. So keep watching this video till the end before we start. Make sure to subscribe to the channel and don't forget to hit the bell icon. You must have seen a lot of Fortnite thumbnails on youtube. Have you ever wondered how these youtubers make such eye catching thumbnails for their video in this tutorial? We're going to show you how you can make a fortnight thumbnail for free in a few simple steps using Filmora 10 to get started. Make sure that the Filmora 10 video editor is downloaded and installed on your computer. Links are attached in the description below. So let's get started to get started with making a fortnight thumbnail. It's important to have a screenshot of your gameplay. We can make a perfect screenshot using Fortnite replay mode. If you've recently played a Fortnite match, you can access its replay under the career tab, select replays. If you're using a console, the game will only store 10 recent game plays. But if you're using a PC, it'll store 100 recent game plays in this section from all these gameplay plays. Select the one that you want to use for the thumbnail. Once you select gameplay, you can control everything the angle, the speed and camera mode for creating a perfect thumbnail, select drone free camera from the camera mode located on the bottom right corner of the screen. Choose an angle of your choice and take the screenshot. Open Filmora 10. Make sure to select 16 and nine screen ratio. Click on the monitor icon located below the preview panel of filmora and select change project aspect ratio. Under this window, you can change the resolution to 12 80 by 7 20. Import the screenshot by dragging it into filmora media section, drag the screenshot into the timeline. Now let's extract our character go to the effects, then A I portrait select human segmentation and drop it into the snapshot hit, try it. Here we go. The background is removed. Now if you feel like making the edges smooth or changing the size of the edges, double click on the screenshot in the timeline, it will open the settings related to the screenshot. Scroll down to video effects. Here you will find handles to control edge thickness and edge feather, change it according to your needs and hit. Ok. There's another very commonly seen and useful effect. Human border go to the A I portrait, you will find human border, drop it into the screenshot and create a border around the character. You can change the color size, opacity, et cetera in the settings. Let's set a background, import the background you like for this thumbnail drag and drop it below the snapshot, drag your character to the side that you want if it looks good here. Now let's add text to this thumbnail. Navigate to titles go to lower thirds. It contains a lot of titles, choose a title, drag and drop it above all the layers. Move it to the place you want. Double click on the text to edit it. Let's add another title, go to titles, then hit titles from the left bar drag and drop another title to the timeline above all the layers, double click on the text to edit it accordingly. Now we're done here to make it more attractive. Let's add some stickers to it. Go to elements here. You can find many stickers and animation to add to your thumbnail. Looks amazing. Right now, let's say the thumbnail into the device to do that. Hit the snapshot icon below the preview screen. It'll create a new snapshot into the panel of Filmora to access the directory of these snapshots, right? Click on the snapshot and click reveal in explorer. It'll open up a folder that contains all the snapshots that you take through. Filmora, your youtube thumbnail is ready. So now you've learned how to make a fortnight thumbnail without a green screen for free using Filmora 10. Try it for yourself and let us know about the outcomes in the comments section below. We'd love to read about your experience. Thumbs up if you like it, subs if you love it. Hope to see you in the next video until then. Bye.