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Featuring a youthful, friendly side which is perfect for any children's audiobooks, toys, and commercials.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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the bookworm is the only place in town where being sociable and friendly is a must. Stay a while and meet new friends or invite old ones. Toe lunch. Try a bit of this batch mod. Lovely, isn't it? Firm and sweet with just a hint of local bluegrass. Locating the sweetest grasses to chew is a job reserved for gourmet cows. Consuming gourmet cow yogurts is yours. I can remember when Grandma used to bake homemade bread right in our kitchen. We'd always look forward to the first warm piece fresh out of the oven. E hate to tell you this, but by the sounds of things, your magic cold pill isn't working so well. Here. Have a tissue. Don't you think it's time to try flu gone? Go on an adventure with all your friends from kid TV Bill Janet and their dog Bobby need help rescuing all of Bobby's animal friends. Hi, I'm Kelly Cates. Thank you for listening