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this is a clip i edited and dubbed myself

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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you were floating down the river. Are you okay? I made it damn. What's that? Did this guy just say damn. Tell me. Are you the one who interrupted my submersion? You don't remember? Yeah, I saved your life. Wait submersion. You don't get it. I was trying to kill myself. Suicide. Sure. And I think everything was going just swimmingly. But you interfered and ruined my day. Is he scolding me for saving him? It's not only your fault. My goal is to commit a completely clean suicide without burdening anyone. But I did trouble you. So, really the fault lies with me. I should apologize. Or better still make it up to you. Are you by chance hungry? Well, the truth is I haven't eaten in several days. How odd? I'm also hungry. Lucky coincidence. But I'm afraid the river is taking my wallet. Just my luck.