The secret seven

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Chapter \"the big tree\" , the secret seven kids are planning on making a big tree house.

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the big tree. Everyone was full of ideas. We could bring some small boats to put across the branches and make a probability platform. Said call it. They've got some initiated home and rope to tie them on with said Jack. Yes, I'm cushions to sit on, sat down. Only we'd have to stop them in a hole in the tree whenever we left, in case it rained. I can't do that. The whole is not big enough to suggest. Well, I could bring an old waterproof sheet, a rubber one. Any of her things when Willy said Barbara, then there would be quite. All right, Good idea, said Peter, scribbling fast in his notebook anymore ideas. The stores for the cubby hole in the tree said jin, unbreakable marks and things like that. I'll bring those money. All these taxes have when you want them. So long as we take them home back sometime. This is fine, said Peter is crippling quickly both to make a platform. You can bring those columns rope to tie them with subject. I'll bring that pushes for me. Set rubber sheet for me, said Barbara max for me said Janet. What about you George? I'll bring some food for the cubbyhole George. Great, said Peter, and I'll bring the drinks. Gosh, we're going to have a glorious time. It will be wonderful media. Please don't you go and tell it off of this job. Heroes, Jack. As if a tells Susie said Jack. When shall we begin to make the treehouse. Why not tomorrow. Said nobody's going away on holiday industry. It didn't take us long to put everything together up here. This place is just meat.