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Applying for a Courier Delivery Job? Or will you be Driving a ride-share Vehicle?

To work in the transport industry in Australia, only having a full driving licence may not enough. One may need to apply for driver accreditation.

You will need to obtain a National Police Check to apply for driver accreditation. Passing a Medical assessment is also required to determine the suitability to drive a public passenger vehicle.

KONCHECK, an accredited body of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) can help you to obtain a Criminal History Check through a 100% online process.

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Thio Working transport industry in Australia an applicant may need to obtain driver accreditation. Having a full time driver license is not enough when it comes to driving a commercial vehicle such as taxi cab, public bus, heika, rideshare vehicle hire, motorcycle for delivery or a courier vehicle driver. Accreditation is a statewide skiing to ensure that the driver meets all the safety requirements and his visit to operate in the industry. To apply for driver accreditation in applicant will need to obtain a medical check and a criminal history check in some states or territories. 1 may also need to obtain a traffic history check, are working with Children check and an insolvency check a police check certificate with no disclose. Herbal course outcomes is a means to ensure the safety of passengers and eliminates any possible threats. A police check older than 3 to 6 months may not be approved and the check must meet the purpose criteria defined by the Transport Department. Some driver accreditation holders will be under strict supervision in case any updates on their criminal record take place. Applicants can obtain the check by themselves or the driver accreditation body of the state or territory may also apply for the check after receiving the applicants. Consent driver Accreditation application can be rejected if the working with Children check Prohibits an applicant from working in the sector. It may also get excluded if the National Police check certificate contains serious offenses or if the check is not obtained for the required purpose. Driver accreditation and licensing unsupervised contact with vulnerable people. Con Check is an accredited body of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission. Lodge your police check with us in a completely online, fast and secure way for obtaining your driver Accreditation applicants received their police check certificate within 1 to 2 business days 70% of the time.