Excerpt from Alien Genesis (Eden's Angels Book 1)

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alien genesis Book one of Eden's Angels, written by Gary Bean, narrated by Kevin Perkins to Killian Asher, charlotte, jerry and river in the quantum universe. Everything that can happen does happen. Part One. Chapter One in the beginning, circa 50,000 years ago. The air itself caught fire. Samuel didn't know how long he had been lying on the cave floor. He felt hollow his chest act and he was unable or unwilling to move slowly. He became aware of quiet rustling in other parts of the cave. He was not the only survivor. He lapsed into fitful sleep, haunted by the horrors the people of Doman Ceo had visited upon the planet Guran three. A blinding flash and deafening roar had shattered the early dawn. Everything lying loose on the canyon floor was sucked violently into the air, choking clouds of dirt, stones and ash boiled skyward. The portal canopies in front of each inhabited cave were ripped from their anchors instantly the pilings were shattered as they swirled upward toward the canyon rim, the flying debris spontaneously combusted as it crested the ridges, People and animals outside the caves were likewise drawn into the maelstrom. Every crow roosting on the nearby trees simply disappeared. Small Children were vacuumed out of caves as if by tornadic wind. People with enough strength anchored themselves inside by clinging to rocks, roots or log structures wedged into wall cracks. After those first few seconds, Samuels gasps couldn't fill his lungs. He realized that oxygen was being burned so rapidly several 100 m overhead that he was suffocating this understanding intensified his terror and that fear turned to dread as the last image he saw before losing consciousness was doll staggering about the cave blood oozing from his ears. He pried his eyelids open with his fingers and became aware of a yellowish light filtering in from the cave's mouth. He crawled to the entrance and saw the thousands of trees on the canyon floor were not, but smoldering stumps. Falling ash shrouded everything with several centimeters of gray death. He dropped his head and retched. You could hear moans and voices from nearby caves. When a woman called out, Samuel heard people scrambling to the front of their dwellings. He hollered, Stay in your caves until the sky stops falling. He knew breathing much of the ash would almost certainly cause illness or worse. It could be radioactive. Standing just inside the cave's mouth, Shia began a roll call of the crow clan's people who was hurt. How severe were the injuries and who was unhurt through the process of elimination, she reckoned who among the clan were missing, dead or perhaps still unconscious. She also asked about food and water stores. By the time she completed the inventory, Samuel had managed to prop himself into a sitting position with his back against a boulder. The toddler booze, asta startled renewal by climbing into his lap. He grabbed the little boy into his arms and began to weep. Costa wasn't Samuel's son or grandson. But he loved this child beyond all reason. Domani in travelers had long since realized that their feelings for the planet's indigenes were in fact a phenomenon outside of reason, that those feelings were the product of a mysterious kind of extrasensory experience. Saya sat down beside Samuel. The hall is dead, she said, as she played hand clap with jesus, to who had wriggled into a sitting position on Rommel's lap. Shia began a meticulous recitation of the roll call information. 14 clans people had not responded to her calls. three of the caves did not have any drinking water. It was impossible to know about adequate food stores given it. It wasn't known how long their sequestration might last, or how long the ash would fall. Having gathered his wits, Samuel rose and went to his hollow in the back of the cave, he dug up a waterproof footlocker. The people of the clan knew of the trunk buried beneath his sleeping furs. It was the subject of superstitious fear which ran mutual, did nothing to dispel for the first time in over a decade, he removed the flight suit woven of metallic fibers, while not as safe as a hazardous material suit. It would be better than only wearing the sapiens leather clothing in the falling ash. He also had goggles and a breather, realizing this attire would frighten the already traumatized clans people. Samuel wore the form fitting flight suit under his leather clothes. He would remove the headgear immediately upon entering each cave. Each cavern provided shelter for 3-9 people depending on size accessibility and features. Romney well had been sharing a cave with the clan elder doll, sin Epo Herman ponies and their son booze, Asta Shauna, the orphan who had grown up to become the clan's alpha female, also lived in the shared cave, fortunately Shia and Samuel had restocked their groups water supply the previous afternoon they had three buffalo stomachs full, as well as four botas that held about three liters each. Taking the bota bags. Samuel dashed from cave to cave to provide water and to further assess the situation, He didn't know what to expect and was unprepared for what he found. three bodies lay in front of one cave. They must have panicked and run out into the intense heat. Seconds after the explosion, their fingertips and toes had ignited with fire spreading up their arms and legs. A pinkish liquid oozed from the scorched extremities and pooled on the ground. Samuel was horrified and could only hope they had lost consciousness immediately. It was likely at least half an hour had passed before death had laid its final claim Inside Romney well found six more people. two were unconscious. Extreme heat had scorched, their bodies blisters had burst and skin hung from their faces, chests and legs like moss clinging to trees. These two had only hours to live. The other four people did not have physical injuries but were so traumatized. They were unresponsive in the last cave Samuel found and brun holding her daughter in her lap. Sheets of skin were peeling off the infant's body, and brian had been knocked unconscious and upon awakening realized the baby was missing. Panicked. She rushed barefoot from the cave And found her child's broken and burned body at the foot of the rock ledge some four m below. Samuel could see the child had been dead for several hours. He cautiously took and bronze hand and touched it to her baby's carotid artery as tears rolled out of an bronze eyes, she exhaled a moan of hopeless despair. She handed over the dead body. Samuel took the mutilated infant to the crypt cavern. He returned and carried am bron, whose feet were burned to her sister's cave. Upon returning to his own cave, he shed the loose fitting clan clothing easily enough, but as he tried to peel off the flight suit, his hands trembled so badly he could not grip the zipper pole. There were certain conventions about watching a person in their private quarters within a shared cave. Nevertheless, out of concern, Shia was watching ramen noodles efforts though she had never seen a zipper, and could not have imagined such a device. She walked over, and, after only a brief moments inspection, took hold of the pull tab and unzipped the suit from collar to crotch. When Samuel looked at her with astonishment, he saw that she was not looking at the zipper Xia was staring directly into his eyes. She took his hand and gently pressed it against her gestating belly. She held it there as Samuel described what he had found within the caves. He believed most of the injured clans, people would likely survive for a while at least. Of course, he had no way to explain that if the falling ash was radioactive, none of them would be alive in a month. Madam curie was yet tens of thousands of years in Xia's future. Samuel had taken up residence with the Sapiens of the crow clan. Following his expulsion from the Quran three expeditionary mission, The clan inhabited a cluster of caves tucked into the limestone cliffs near the bottom of a deep canyon. A dependable river ran almost due east through this section of the canyon, the clans, people gathered fruit, nuts, roots and legumes that grew near the river's edge. They hunted and scavenged most of the meat they consumed and supplemented their protein intake with fish, insects, grubs, and worms. The Klan's canyon home was breathtakingly beautiful. It had been a good home though. The clan's people lacked many things. Thousands of years would pass before the people of this planet would even contemplate what those things might be. They lacked any knowledge of germ theory. They had yet to conceptualize the tools necessary for agriculture. Medicine was a marriage between superstition and herbal remedies. Early death was a fact of life that the people simply accepted. They knew no better. Life was difficult, but it was the only life the clan knew or could comprehend. Samuel had been the leader of a group of 12 Romanian scientists assigned to study the SAPIEN species, anticipating their exile by grandmaster Elian. The group had liberated and divvied up a cache of equipment, weapons and supplies from the orbiting station. Samuel had buried his share of the material in waterproof boxes under enormous boulders in a side canyon a few kilometers down river from the cliff dwellings. As he lay on his bed of furs, with images of his horribly burned friends playing back and forth in his mind's eye, he contemplated the next move. If the fallout was from a thermonuclear device retrieving his radiation particle detector would be a death march. However, in his tour of the caves, he had seen no symptoms of acute radiation syndrome. Perhaps a journey to the trove of supplies would be safe if either the Seraphim, Presidium or the Battaglia had detonated a device with low yields of radio activity. The sooner the clan departed, the greater their chances of survival. Even if there was no radioactive debris in the fallout, the tremendous volume of ash was contaminating the river, killing the fish and poisoning the soil. Given the amount of heat they had experienced on the canyon floor, there was no doubt that the forest had been decimated on the plateaus above the canyon rims. There would be no wood for cook fires and flash floods would roar across the ash covered ground and through the canyon, when early summer warmth melted the winter snow as Romney well drifted into a tormented sleep. His last thought was that, either by death or by banishment, their paradise was lost.