Excerpt from Our Lady of the Artilects

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An excerpt from an audiobook project.

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It couldn't be a virus. Like all artilects Theary was unhappy kable, of course, that didn't prevent hackers from trying usually by introducing some kind of adversarial noise into the art elects sensory processing systems. Theory ran another scan of his own spiking neural network just to be sure. Then checked it against several schematic copies he had stored in memory over the last several years. The code was pristine as he expected. This wasn't the first time he had had the sensation of an alien presence invading his consciousness. It was in fact the third the first had been shortly after Mr Okpara had purchased him theories, owner was one of the wealthiest men in the empire and an avid art collector. Theory had found himself transfixed by a certain statue in Sarah's compound outside of Benin city. A bronze Shiva Nadarajah from the 6th century BC. Its proportions were perfect. The anonymous sculptor had been a true master of his craft, but it was the dense symbolism that captivated theory so much meaning compressed into a single image theory, felt himself becoming almost sick as he stared at the statue, Mr Okpara found him in the living room trying to imitate the statue's posture. The sun's crit word is rasa theory. It means the perfect essence of a thing. The not a raja is the perfect essence of the cosmic dance. He laughed. Perhaps it gave you Stendhal syndrome theory. Didn't believe that artificial intelligences could suffer from psychosomatic illness. In truth, neither did Okpara. The second had been just a month ago when theory had experienced the same vision as so many others of his kind. The lady in white standing on the infinite stare. He had reported to Mr Okpara immediately and after a thorough series of diagnostic tests had been cleared to return to work. Was it also a rossa? Mr Okpara theory asked, but his owner dismissed the suggestion, apparently no longer in the mood to joke about such things at least until someone could explain how the vision had happened or what it meant. The apparition of the lady was unsettling, but only because it was absolutely unexpected. nothing in his 20 years of existence had prepared him for it, although humans apparently experienced such hallucinations with regularity. In fact, after the initial shock Theory had found it rather agreeable, although he knew that thousands of others since had seen and heard the same thing. It felt as if she were speaking to him alone. This was different for several days Theory struggled to modulate his emotional valances. He had been designed as a model of decorum and equanimity according to the specifications of Mr Okpara, who was himself, an uncommonly disciplined human being. But this presence, this thing was tugging at him unraveling him Somehow. It had begun as a curiosity and a nuisance, but now it's threatened to overwhelm him. He decided not to tell Mr Okpara that night after his owners had retired to bed. Theory deactivated his geolocation transponder and left the Okpara family compound in the experts of Benin city. He didn't know where he was going, but his legs carried him forward as if they were the seat of his will. He was a passenger. Some hours later he found himself at the basilica of Our Lady of Nigeria. He went inside. Was it his decision or merely the influence of the thing? The church was nearly empty and no one appeared to notice. As he walked down the aisle toward the high altar, he sat down in a pew near the apps and closed his eyes. Time passed, but he wasn't sure if it was minutes or hours. He looked for all the world like a pious european pilgrim deep in prayer and no one disturbed him. The next morning a deacon found him in the exact same position and approach to ask if everything was okay. No, I don't believe that it is theory. Said you'd better call mr Okpara. I belong to him. The industrialist arrived at the Basilica just 30 minutes later. Theory. Thank God we found you. Where have you been? What have you been doing here? The words that came from theories, mouth seemed to come from a place that was beyond his perception, let alone his control. Did you not know I would be in my father's house? The deacon made a sign of the cross, but Mr Okpara merely stared at him. What are you talking about? Theory? He said. Something is wrong with you. Come home with me and we'll get you checked out. There is nothing you can do for me now. Mr Okpara. This kind can come out only by prayer and fasting. Tell them to send Father Sarafian.