The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

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An excerpt from a young adult novel about police brutality and the black lives matter movement.

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this excerpt is from the hate you give by Angie Thomas, Chapter two When I was 12 my parents had to talks with me. One was the usual birds and bees. Well, I didn't really get the usual version. My mom, Lisa, is a registered nurse, and she told me what would wear and what didn't need to go here, there or any damn wear till I'm grown. Back then, I doubted anything was going anywhere. Anyway. While all the other girls sprouted breast between six and seven grade, my chest was as flat as my back. The other talk was about what to do if a cop stopped me. Mama fussed and told Daddy I was too young for that. He argued that I wasn't too young to get arrested or shot star star. You do whatever they tell you to do, he said. Keep your hands visible. Don't make any sudden movements on Lee speak when they speak to you. I knew it must've been serious. Daddy has the biggest mouth of anybody I know. And if he said to be quiet, I needed to be quiet. I hope somebody had the talk with Khalil causes under his breath turns to pop down and manoeuvre. See Impala to the side of the street were on Carnation, where most of the houses are abandoned and half the street lights are busted. Nobody around but us. And the cop Khalil turns the ignition off. Wonder what the's full wants. The officer parks and puts his brights on. I blink to keep from being blinded. I remember something else, Daddy said. If you're with somebody, you better hope they don't have nothing on them or both of you are going down. Okay, you don't have anything in your car, do you? I ask. He watches the cop in his side mirror. No, the officer approaches the driver's door and taps a window. Khalil cranks the handle to roll it down as if we are blinded enough. The officer blames his beams, his flashlight in our faces, license registration and proof of insurance. Khalil breaks a rule he doesn't do with a cop wants, which it pulls over for license, registration and proof of insurance. I said, Would you pull us over four? Kal el, I plead. Do what? He said. Khalil groans and takes his wallet out. The officer follows his movements with the flashlight. My heart pounds loudly, but Daddy's instructions echo in my head. Get a look at the cops face if you remember his badge number. That's even better with the flashlight. Following Khalil's hands, I make out the numbers on the badge. 1 15 He's white, mid thirties to early forties, has a brown buzz cut and a thin scar over his top lip. Khalil hands officers papers and license 1 15 Looks them over. Were you two coming from tonight? No. Nya Khalil says, Meaning none of your business. What? You pull me over for your tail? Light is broken. So you're gonna give me a ticket or what? Killer ***? You know what? I get out of the car. Smart guy, man, Just give me my ticket. Get out of the car. Hands up where I can see them. Click. It's out with his hands up. 1 15 gangs him by his arm and pins him against the back door. I fight to find my voice. He didn't mean hands on the dashboard. The officer barks at me. Don't move. I do what he tells me, but my hands are shaking Too much to be Still, I put that he pats Khalil down. Okay, smart mouth. Let's see what we find on you today. You ain't gonna find nothing. Khalil says 1 15 pats him down two more times. He turns up empty. Stay here. He tells Khalil. And you. He looks in the window at me. Don't move. I can't even nod. The officer walks back to his patrol car. My parents haven't raised me to fear police just to be smart around them. He told me it's not smart to move while a cop has his back to you. Khalil does. He comes to his door. It's not smart to make a sudden move. Khalil does. He opens the driver's door. You okay, star? Now one Khalil's body jerks Blood splatters from his back. He holds onto the door to keep himself upright. Now to Khalil Gasps. Now three. Kaleil looks at me. Stunned. He falls to the ground. I'm 10 again watching this hash a group drop an ear splitting scream emerges from my gut, explodes in my throat and uses every inch of me to be heard