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Quick Yoga Practice

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This is an example of my work on Yoga Flow With Tina - an online yoga community

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Hi and welcome to yoga flow with Tina. Today's practice is a quick five minutes. We're going to help you feel invigorated, stretched out And ready for your day. In only five minutes. I'll see you on the mat. Good day and welcome to yoga flow with Tina. Start an easy pose with hands on the knees and take a cleansing breath in through your nose and out through your mouth or nose. We'll start with hot chocolate breath. Bring your hands up to your chest and inhale through your nose like you're taking in your favorite hot beverage and exhale through your mouth like you're blowing on it to cool it off. We'll do that one more time. Inhale in the aroma of the hot chocolate or the coffee and exhale, blow on it gently because it's too hot to drink, letting go of everything. We're ready to begin hands on the knees. Inhale for sitting cow and exhale for cat again. Inhale shoulders, back, head up, cow. Exhale round the shoulders, chin to chest. Cat one more time. Inhale cow and exhale cat. Come back to neutral spine and find table top, tuck your toes under, lift your hips down. Take some time to pedal out your feet one ft and then the other stretching out your calves and hamstrings. Find stillness in down dog and walk your hands backwards towards your feet, settle into ragdoll. Two breaths now walk your hands back to the top of the mat so that you find yourself in plank and lower all the way down to the mat on your belly, finding sphinx gazes forward, You're on your elbows, a little back, bend shoulders, back chest open, Come back down to the floor. Put your hands under your shoulders and find table top. Once again down, doc take a breath and let it go. Walk your feet to the top of the mat. Inhale half, lift flat back. Exhale forward, fold. Inhale, reverse, swan, dive, reaching up and exhale, dive down. Let's flow. Inhale flat back. Exhale hands to the mat. Walk out plank. Lower down low plank. Inhale for up, dog or cobra. Exhale down dog. Take a breath and let it go. Step your right foot through your hands and cartwheel your arms to find warrior. two pause, flip your front hand up and come into peaceful warrior. Two breaths. Bring your elbow to your knee. Left hand rises side angle, pause. Two big breaths. Come back to warrior. two inhale straighten your front leg and reach forward and down for triangle. Gaze goes up at your hand in the air. Each exhale, twist a little more. Once again, find warrior. two cartwheel the hands down, step back with the right foot. Find plank lower down, low plank. Inhale up dog. Exhale down dog. Take a breath. Let it go now step your left foot forward, cartwheel the hands up, find Warrior. Two on the left, settle in. Let's find peaceful warrior here, pause two breaths and side angle, pause. Two breaths. Find your way back to Warrior. two, one breath and then straighten the leg, finding triangle, hinging forward, resting your hand on your leg or the mat, reaching up to the sky. Once again Find Warrior two, then swing the arms down to find flank, lower down low plane. Inhale up dog. Exhale down. Doc take a breath and lower down to your knees and flip over to find a seated position, roll back on your back and find bridge pose. Maybe fold your shoulders under and clasp your hands underneath. We'll stay here for three breaths, filling up your belly and letting it go gently lower down to the mat and follow with happy baby. Take some time if you'd like to bend one leg and then the other, making the most of this move in the short time that we have find stillness, bring your feet and legs together for waterfall, pause here, lift up the arms too for dead bug. If you'd like, you can rotate the ankles and wrists point and flex the feet a little extra stretch here in your joints and once again find stillness, bring the knees into the chest and roll forward and backward until you find yourself in a seated position. Come back to easy pose, hands on your knees, Come back to hot chocolate breath two times inhale, fill up. Exhale, gently blow out of your mouth until you are completely empty one more time. Inhale in through your nose. Exhale through your mouth and you're done. Thank you so much for joining me today Namaste.