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I heard someone sneaking around the heli pad earlier. I'm not sure where he went though. I walked into the hangar and he was gone. Do you think that it could have been the intruder that everyone is talking about? It was probably all in my head. I'm jumping at shadows. I will keep my eyes peeled just in case he won't pull one over on me. Training for a battle is no joke. You need to take it seriously. Even the less needs to practice the basics. So grab your sword and we can begin slashing your sword with the attack button. Is your bread and butter. So get familiar with it when you see the chance to lunge, hold attack for longer. This can deal enhanced damage but leaves you exposed for longer. Ok. Excellent work. Let's move to defense. Welcome to the land of mushrooms. The names a pretty name for a pretty face. I know. I'm glad you're here. We could use a hand. The mayor that frog stand over there needs help with the tea party. Do you see those glowing golden flowers? They make the tastiest tea? But we need 10 more or we won't have enough. Can you help? I'm sure we can reward you with some delicious brew. Perfect. You won't regret it. Just look for the golden sparkles around the forest. See that building over there, the one with the spire inside there is exactly where we want to be. If Ali got the job done, then the power should be off. No power means no security system, no security means. Yeah, pretty much a free for all on as many jewels and gems as you can. Stuff into a sack. Everything must go.