Jane Eyre Narration: Literary & Drama Expertise | Lauren Lege

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I've chosen to utilize \"Jane Eyre\" as my voice-over demo piece, to showcase my authentic English accent and proficiency in conveying intricate emotions. This classic allows me to demonstrate my voice's depth, range, and the subtleties in my tonal expression

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General)


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You sir are the most phantom like of all. You are me. A dream. Said Jane, he held out his hand silently. You sir are too phantom like it is as if I were called to a lonely place to meet something indefinite but mighty. My heart beats thick. My head grows hot. A sound fills my ears which I deem the gobbling cry of fear. Will I Neil I the inevitable thing has tied me to him. Inlets and outlets. There are none. I drew my breath with difficulty. There are no windows to open. I could throw myself down to find reprieve. But who would follow me? Not you sir? Rochester took a step nearer. Would you cast all out? Would you reject that? Which completes you? I might as well be married to an automaton. Jane replied with anguish in her voice or be cast aside a lone wanderer on the hills of Heidelberg, lonely, untended, repulsed. It is a still night and I shall wander far. The owls have called me forth. Then you condemn me to live wretched and to die despised. He exclaimed with passion. She looked at him with tears shimmering in her eyes. I do my best and have done it and will do it. She asserted pain evident in her voice. I loved you with my whole heart and soul. I tried to give you everything yet you hid something monstrous from me. A living relic of your past. You are no better than a rebel to me now, an outlaw to my love.