I've worked as a radio personality for over 4 years and speak English.

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This is an air check I compiled from snippets of my show over the past year. I voiced and produced it.

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It's Lauren in the morning live on 6.3. I'm hyped up about it. Are you kidding me? It's amazing. I'm lying to myself and to the public Maren Morris and girl. If you want to subject your ears to us all day, every day, all you gotta do is download our app. Yeah. You don't have to leave us behind the car. You can take us with you everywhere, both a cursing and a blessing. It's thomas red. Look what God gave her right now. It's Easton Corbin loving you is fun. No man has ever said that about me, scary but definitely not fun. Day 106.3, it's like hanging out with you. So we're gonna play a fun game called, is that morbid? Or is that really sweet? It's a very fine line. You can order a piece of beef jerky from this company. They will laser engrave a personalized message in the meat for you. You can't not not look like a serial killer gifting that to someone here is a flesh message about how much I love you. It's just so sick. This little big town with Better Man, one of my favorite bands and they're going to be on one of my favorite shows tonight. Yes, they're gonna be on the tonight show with jimmy Fallon. It was stupid hot over the weekend and it's gonna continue to be stupid hot today To hopefully we're gonna see some thunderstorms later on this afternoon. It was the kind of heat that just makes you fight with everyone for no reason. Like why are you breathing so loud? Mm hmm. Okay. 106.3. It's Lauren hanging out with you disappointed. Lauren and this time it's not associated with a man. I know guys. One of my favorite shows just got canceled. Don't you hate that? It's just ruined my day and my being dramatic. Absolutely. But I like to use a little drama to get my point across. You know what I mean? My day will be perfectly fine. Anyways, where was I back to the drama? They've canceled chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Well, we do get a little bit more. We've got some more episodes coming out later this year. But then that's it. They put the kibosh on it and I want reasons. It's so good. If you haven't watched it, you should watch it and then you can get mad with me because they're canceling it Just a few minutes before 8:00. Some classic patsy cline for your ears right here on. It's a good day to be luke bryan. His song one margarita hits number one and now he's got 25. Number one hits you go luke bryan. Mm hmm. Okay, may one oh 6.3 it's Lauren hanging out with you. This is a little awkward to talk about the whole thing. It smells just a little un american and it's making me a little uncomfortable because I'm just like ah it's not right. But it's not wrong. What do we do? There is a county in texas called brooks county And they have said if you test positive for coronavirus and you go out and about in public and you are doing things other than going to a medical facility for treatment. We will arrest you because you're exposing people and endangering lives. There is a penal code in place, penal code and what it says is that sorry, I'll grow up. What's up? It's Lauren hanging out with you this monday. I hope everybody had a fantastic weekend. I celebrated a birthday yesterday, 32 years old. You know what, I'm not one of those people who gets offended when people ask how old I am actually really love my thirties. But I came into work today and written on a big note for me for my coworkers. As how does it feel to be old? Great. It feels great. Hey James, thanks for helping me to promote my weekly friday friends with no benefits show on cable one of 6.3, you know, I have been wondering why you call it friends with no benefits though. Well because like all of my relationships, there is usually a deep feeling of regret after spending any amount of time with me. So pretty much what you're doing to me now. Friends with no benefits 6 to 9 Fridays like KB on facebook and watch for post, inviting you to nominate someone, you know to be the next co host on friends with no benefits. Can I go now?