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YA Fiction Audiobook Sample

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It wasn't long before she was joined by a disheveled stranger walking on unsteady legs. A strong sickly sweet smell permeating the air around him. So what's a pretty young miss like yourself? Do it all alone? I watch gor Graf as he sleeps. Um, ok. He said, scratching his beard. How about you and me? Go finds us a quiet place. You do not know what you are asking. No, I know what I'm asking. He draped a filthy arm around her shoulders, staining the white fur of her robe. Look, all your other girly friends are making my boys happy. So why not? You make me happy. She tore away from his embrace and leapt off the boulder. You do not understand. You cannot stay here, gather your men and get back to your ship. As soon as Gorkov wakes, leave this curse land and never sail near these waters again. The man snorter and muttered crazy savage as he stomped away, her knees buckled, she slumped in the dirt, put her face in her hands and wept.