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This is a story often told but rarely told. Well, it is the story of the century blade and his fight against the dragons. But to tell the story first, I need to set the scene. Come on. Let's go in. It can't be any worse than out here. He followed the girl through the hole in the door. I really don't feel well, I think it was that bad. As soon as a bit me, I started to get pins and needles in my hand. Kat looked at her watch nervously for a drummer. Taz is the worst timekeeper I've ever met in my life. What time did the manager say? It'd be here? Asked the young woman sitting next to her. All the other gods are waiting. Natsuko Fau said his childish voice high and excited. Hurry up and choose. Natsuko frowned at her twin brother. The temperature in the room dropped several degrees. I stood stock still. There's something behind me. Isn't there a ghost? Not another one who on earth are you? I'm Florence. Miss I work here at the inn. John James demon was the master at the inn at the time. A very distinguished gentleman. He was miss, it was his daughter that hired me. You watched the old man over the table as he stared at the few pieces left to him. There was no way out. Only fools left anything to chance. Don't worry. You said stifling a yawn. We have all day. Don't rush me. The old man snapped as he stared at his pieces. My wheel is set today is the day I beat you. One thing I discovered during my 19 years on this planet, the average human is an idiot in my native Norway. Like most of the world, the cool spring air rushes in, mixes with the cigarette smoke and scratches the back of my throat making me cough, sorry, terribly bad habit. So I'll cut to the chase. I've been head of this department for 10 years. How many copywriters and art directors do you think I've managed? I know this job. I know my team. I know Violet and I don't buy Stewart Inman's ******** for one second. So what's the story? We went on a date that didn't work out, in my opinion. It's all on him. I don't recall asking what you thought. And what on earth have you done to your hair? Are you trying to look like Hugh Grant? Uh No, I'm not trying to look like Hugh Grant. Good because you'll never pull it off.