Documentary: Earths Greatest Rivers



Here is my documentary reel Earths Greatest Rivers in my natural general American accent.

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Earth's great rivers from source to sea make extraordinary journeys, carving through continents, nurturing ancient civilizations, feeding and connecting life across our world from the mountains and deserts of the Nile to the cities and mysterious swamps of the Mississippi and the steaming waters and the secret worlds of the tropical amazon. Great rivers are the lifeblood of planet Earth. one river dwarfs all others. The biggest on the planet the amazon. It flows through nine countries across 1/3 of South America, sustaining the largest rainforest on Earth, supporting the world's greatest diversity of wildlife, inspiring vibrant cultures. The amazon annual floods are so vast they create what seems to be an inland sea. Even today, it hides mysterious worlds to explore the unknown and experience the mightiest river on earth. The story begins with a single drop.