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I played a lot a Counter Strike growing up as well as a lot of Valorant now, and in addition to seeing some esports played I know all of the map callouts as well as lingo used by gamers. I can be funny and laid back or strictly commentate on the performance of people in game.

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All right, welcome back to low silver announcing, We've got our boys in blue at the moment that we'll be announcing, can't see the enemy team, don't know what they're doing, but we got the whole team at the moment, looks like we're stacking seaside, which is kind of a smart plan, kind of harder to take a lot on attack in my opinion, uh rushing garage and going to see really puts the hurt on them and then you can quickly rotate to be if all else fails. But yeah, it looks like they got one challenger out there at the moment. Jets looking at him, phoenix pushing up long Jet just dashes in takes the kill has to turn around behind finding silver at the moment, no one's coming to help. Come on guys, you gotta push up a little bit, help the jet silva and not having any luck killing the Jet turns out our boys in blue got him, it looks like they did actually go away, which is gonna be a little bit hard retaking because a lot of people have Shorty's because they were stacking garage hoping for that. See push but they do have to um classics that they got off the dead bodies brim going long, looks like two of our guys going to see Link, They're challenging to people Sage and brimstone at B Link brim, no action yet. Moving onto site at the moment. Mhm Ces Jet in ****, can't really do too much far away. Their Sage UNknowing brim does get the kill, they need to diffuse right away or else they're not gonna be able to defuse the bomb looks like they are a little bit too late, unfortunately. And this round is going to go to the Red Boys. But good trying nonetheless, these guys learn from their mistakes. Probably won't stack the site again, not not gonna work too well.